Residential Milwaukee Home Inspections

Buying a home is one of the biggest investment decisions you will ever make in your life. In fact, it is more than an investment because it becomes a defining part of you and your family.

Residential Milwaukee Home Inspections will help you when it comes to determining whether the home you are about to buy is the right one. Imagine how you would feel if you had purchased a home only to realize that the roof is leaking or that it has faulty wiring. At House to Home Inspections, it’s our job to look for those problems for you.

Residential MILWAUKEE Home Inspections

Benefits of Residential Milwaukee Home Inspections

1.Our Milwaukee home inspector will inform you of major problems with the home

During the inspection exercise, our Milwaukee home inspectors assess the house looking for major defects and safety concerns. A qualified home inspector pinpoints any problem, and then he advises you on any possible solutions. Our home inspectors have the right amount of experience in this kind of job. They can identify housing defects quickly. They will save you from all the problems that come if you will purchase an imperfect home.

2.Inspection Saves You A Lot of Money

Hiring Milwaukee home inspectors before you buy a house helps you avoid unnecessary costs. Doing so saves you a lot of money that you would have used in repairing the house after you had bought it. Some of the possible defects that home inspectors could detect include leakages in your basement, poor structural designs, and safety hazards such as faulty wiring among other issues. The homeowner should solve these problems before you take possession of the home.

3.Inspection Increases Your Chances of Benefiting From Reduced Prices

After a Residential Milwaukee home inspections, the home inspector will provide you with a report on the overall condition of the house. You can use some of the major problems listed in the report as negotiating tools to help you reduce its price. For example, you can agree to cater to some of the repairs in exchange for a substantial decrease in the price of the home.

4.Inspection Helps You Prepare in Advance

A detailed inspection report can guide you on planning. Having an inspection done when buying a home will save you from costly repairs in the future. Additionally, an experienced home inspector will be able to predict the life expectancy of the appliances such as the HVAC system, the roof, and the furnace. With that information, you can plan for an upgrade early in advance instead of being caught by surprise.

What about the Home Inspection Cost?

Home inspection cost in Milwaukee properties varies according to property size and scope. Some property owners only wanted to have an inspection on a particular part area.

Is Price your deciding factor when choosing a home inspector? Big mistake.

The difference between a great and horrible home inspector is staggering. You have new guys who don’t know what they are doing, old guys who don’t do enough, and volume guys who don’t take enough time. Are you comparing apples to apples? Here are several reasons why you choose The House to Home Team for your home inspection:

  • So you don’t get stuck with a money pit
  • Same Day electronic Reporting
  • We get on the ROOF! For real!
  • Most thorough inspections available
  • We are available nights and weekends!
  • Our inspections are guaranteed!
  • We have in-house radon testing
  • Our inspectors WANT you at the inspection
  • We educate you about your new home
  • We have Experience you can TRUST

and last but not least, WE KNOW INSPECTIONS.

Don’t take just our word for it! Even according to Dave Ramsey, smart home buyers hire home inspectors.

At House to Home Inspections, we are a team of professional home inspectors with adequate knowledge of building rules and codes. Hiring us to do the job saves you from buying an investment that will end up disappointing you. We have been in business long enough, and we have managed to serve an almost countless number of satisfied customers over this long duration of time.

So, before you invest in a Residential Milwaukee home inspections, call House to Home Inspections!


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