Milwaukee Weatherization Inspection


Milwaukee weatherization inspection


If you are buying a property for rental purpose, check to make sure the property you are purchasing has a Certificate of Compliance on file or is exempt. If a Certificate of Compliance is needed, a weatherization inspection is necessary, or an exemption waiver must be present within one year of purchase.


What is Milwaukee Weatherization Inspection?

Since January 1, 1985, many properties in Wisconsin have had to meet minimum energy conservation standards at the time of ownership transfer under Wis. Stats. § 101.122, which directs the Department of Commerce to develop energy conservation standards for certain properties containing residential rental units.


Under § 101.122 (2) (e), the DOC must review the administrative rules adopted for the implementation of the Rental Unit Energy Efficiency Program every five years. The latest revision repeals and recreates in total Chapter Comm 67, which becomes effective May 1, 2008.


There are several weatherization standards that a property is required to meet. For examples, windows need to be either equipped with storm windows or double-glazed, except those in furnace rooms and doors. Patio doors, as well as those exterior doors swinging inward, must be double-glazed and insulated or equipped with storm doors. Furthermore, exterior doors need to have weather-stripping installed. The attics must also have appropriate ventilations to control air and moisture into and out of the building.


These weatherization standards are not only beneficial to residential property owners but also to our society. They tend to reduce the overall demand for heating fuels that ultimately help in stabilizing fuel costs for everyone. The energy conservation standards also benefit the economy by decreasing the dependence of our state on imported heating fuels, besides providing jobs to weatherization workforce.


Landlords are required to upgrade their buildings and follow such standard, which eliminates the extra costs that tenants would have been forced to incur in the case of the energy-inefficient rental units. Although it may cost the landlord a considerable amount of money to upgrade the building to the recommended standard, he is more likely recover the cost through the lowered heating costs. Therefore, the structure becomes more valuable by improving its cost effectiveness.


For people planning to purchase a property for rental use, it is likely that they need to have a certificate of compliance. It means that they need a home inspection company to perform the weatherization inspection. The company must complete the checking and file the certificate of compliance accordingly.


As a  certified home inspection company, we are happy to serve as an advocate and provide excellent weatherization inspection service to people buying and selling homes for rental use in Milwaukee area.


We also offer radon testing, to ensure that every individual is living in a hazard free environment.  Our Milwaukee home inspectors are committed to providing professional service and following high standards to all of our clients.


House to Home Inspections is proud for being best home inspection company to help those buying or selling rental properties for their weatherization inspection Milwaukee.

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