We have divided our team into three divisions that work together to bring experience and peace of mind to our clients and real estate agents alike. We go beyond the required minimum standards that many other inspecting companies follow. How do we do this? Checking for major appliance recall, providing both a mechanical and structural warranty, and having options for you to add such as certifying the condition of items that cannot be visually inspected, like underground water and sewer lines.

The Inspection Division - In The Field

The Inspection Services Division is responsible for performing all field functions, such as our high-quality home inspections. Between the skill and experience of these highly trained inspectors, they are able to exceed all other comparable inspection companies in the industry today.

The Office Administration Division

Our Operations Division handles all scheduling and administrative tasks for House to Home Inspections. When you call to schedule a home inspection for your new home purchase, condo or getting ready to list your home for sale, you will be speaking to one of our friendly team members. They communicate efficiently with all our clients and can even make recommendations based on your specific home type and explain our services and warranties.

The Education Division - Community Outreach

The education division oversees and manages all sales functions for House to Home Inspections. A few of the tasks they perform include educating real estate professionals about what a home inspection is, what to look for in an inspection and how to become an inspector. We then educate on the various inspection services we have available and how we protect and educate our clients as well as our agents.

Quality Inspections & Excellent Customer Service